Who We Are

Rodecon Training College was established in 2000 as a subsidiary of Rodecon Engineering, with the primary objective of empowering neighboring communities through education and skills development. The college was founded on the principle of contributing to the socio-economic upliftment of the surrounding areas by providing accessible and quality education.

Since its inception, Rodecon Training College has been dedicated to offering a range of vocational and technical courses tailored to meet the needs of the local community. These courses encompass various fields such as engineering, construction, hospitality, information technology, business management, and healthcare. By offering a diverse array of programmes, the college aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their employability prospects and foster sustainable development within their communities.

Furthermore, Rodecon Training College has implemented outreach programmes and initiatives aimed at fostering community engagement and promoting lifelong learning. These initiatives include workshops, seminars and skills development programmes designed to address specific needs identified within the community.

By actively involving community members in these initiatives, the college seeks to foster a culture of continuous learning and empowerment.

Over the years, Rodecon Training College has established itself as a reputable institution committed to excellence in education and community development. Through its steadfast dedication to its mission and vision, the college continues to make significant strides in empowering individuals and communities, thereby contributing to overall societal advancement.

Why Choose Us

  • Rodecon Training College is an Elite Facility.
  • We have a MerSeta Workplace Approval.
  • We offer a golden opportunity for industrial exposure.
  • Focus on community upliftment.
  • Best value guaranteed.
  • Mentors with 120 years industry experience.
  • Partnerships with leading organizations in the industry.
  • Onsite practical work exposure.
  • Capacity for 100+ learners per year.
  • Customize training based on individual needs.
  • Assist companies with workplace approval with various SETA’s.

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